Tour Packages

Megalithic Tour

Dolmen House

The term megalithic culture is used to denote the culture of a group of people who built their large tombs with the help of MEGA (huge) LITHS (stone) or huge stones. Literally there are thousands of such tombs all over South India including Karnataka. In general terms they were the successors to the new stone-age people. Chronologically the megalithic period lasted from about 10th century B.C. to 3rd Century A.D., with lot of various dates in between.           more...

Bicycle Tour

Bicycle Tour

Hire a bicycle or moped or scooter at Hampi. This is one of the best means to explore Hampi ruins. Mopeds & Scooters obviously can cover the longer stretches faster than bicycle, but exploring the sites using a bicycle has its own charm & fun. The bicycles available for rental in Hampi are generally gearless, so you may find the uphill’s (though there are the same amount of downhill too!) a bit tiresome, if not impossible. So first makeup your mind and decide if you would go for a moped/scooter or game for the bicycle ride.

Coracle Riding Tour

Coracle Ride

Go to the banks of Tungabhadra River, have a ride in the Coracles also known as Dongi. One can impressively see some stunning rock forms generated by wearing away over the years. Conveniences for a breath-taking coracle ride along the extent of the Tungabhadra River are readily accessible in the ferries in Hampi. Small reed boats, even though not looking predominantly powerful or contented, can leave one with an enchanting experience. One can go through the comparatively calm waters under the bright sun rays or under the clear blue sky. The landscape along the river banks is amazingly striking.

Auto Rickshaw Tour

Auto Rickshaw

Hiring an Auto Rickshaw for exploring the ruins of Hampi is easy. Our guides will make proper arrangement for you for hiring an Auto Rickshaw and exploring the sites.

Taxi Tour

Taxi Tour

If you want to explore Hampi in quick time then hiring a taxi is better option. Exploring Hampi using taxi will reduce the time. Our guides will make proper arrangements for you, according to your needs.