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Kadlekalu Ganesha

Kadlekalu Ganesha

       Near the Sasivekalu Ganesha is another monolith called, the Kadalekalu (gram seed) Ganesha. The huge seated God, carved in the round out of a massive boulder, is about 4.5 metres high and is housed in a large shrine with a fine open pillared mantapa in front. The tall slender granite pillars with many mythological themes carved decorated the front hall of this shrine which is singularly classical in its architectural proportions.

Krishna Temple (Balkrishna Temple)

Balakrishna Temple

The prominent historical Site is the Balakrishna temple in Hampi. This temple was built by king Krishnadevaraya in AD 1513 to celebrate his conquest of Udayagiri in Orrisa. He brought back a Balakrishna idol from Orrisa and placed it in this temple.

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

Lakshmi Narasimha

This giant monolithic statue of the Narasimha is the largest icon in Hampi. About 6.7 metres high, stands within a walled enclosure at a short distance to the west of the road. Narasimha which is one of the ten avatars (incarnation) of lord Vishnu. Though it is of great size, it is a carefully carved and well-finished icon. Krishnadeva Raya made a grant in AD 1528 to the temple of Lakshmi-Narasmha which he had built and that the deity was made out of a single granite boulder by a Brahmana Arrya Krishna bhata.



Next to and on the left of Lakshmi-Narasimha statue is a small single-chambered Shiva temple containing an enormous monolithic Shivalinga about 3 metres high called Badavi Linga. A water channel flows through the temple. The depth is shallow and the priest steps in the water to perform puja and place flowers.

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