Places in Hampi - Stage 5 (Monuments at Anegundi, the early capital of Vijayanagara) 3-4 hours

Anjanadri hill

Anjanadri Hill

      The ancient and historical town and fortress of Anegondi, which had formed the northern outpost of Vijayanagara, is now represents the ruins scattered about the present -day village of Anegundi on the northern bank of the Tungabhadra River. The place can be reached by crossing the river. The ruins consist of the remains of many lines of fortifications and magnificent buildings and temples both in the Chalukyan and Vijayanagara style. Anegundi was the first capital of Vijayanagara Empire before the capital was moved to Hampi. At the present day, this place is a small village with farming as the chief occupation. One can see green-lands of paddy fields with hills full of rocks in the background. This is the ideal place for those who enjoy the village life and want to spend time with nature. The main attractions of this places are The main attractions of this places are

  1. Anjanadri hill, where Lord Hanuman was born according to Ramayana. Standing on the peak and seeing around, you can have the best glimpse of 'Kiskinda' or the place where River Tungabhadra twists and turns through the boulders of granites.
  2. Pampaa Sarovara(lake) and Lakshmi temple, where Pampa penanced.
  3. Durga temple.
  4. Ranganatha temple.
  5. Gagan mahal
  6. Navabrundavana. and
  7. Rock paintings

This place is quite significant in history:
  1. Mentioned in Ramayana
  2. Mentioned and recognized during the golden period of Hampi or Vijayanagara kingdom rule

Pampa Sarovara & Lakshmi Temple

Pampa sarovara & Lakshmi temple

      This is situated to the east of Hampi, near the end of the colonnaded street that leads out from the Virupaksha temple. It is in the sacred centre of the city, and by a narrow point of the Tungabhadra river. This temple marks the spot where Rama crowned Sugriva. The temple is still in use, and the garbha griha contains statues of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita all carved out a single boulder.

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