Stage 5 (Monuments at Anegundi, the early capital of Vijayanagara) -Continued..

Ranganatha temple

Ranganatha Temple

      Ranganatha Temple is also called as the Vishnu Temple, the carving of the Ananta Sayana aspect of lord Vishnu with great details has been carried out. That is Vishnu resting on the serpent Ananta. His long rectangular shrine is fashioned with a stepped porch in front. The unlit sanctum is fitted with a metal grille door. However if you are visiting this during the brighter time of the day, it’s not very difficult to make out the images inside the sanctum. This long image of Vishnu portrayed with four arms is in a reclining posture on the coiled body of the cosmic snake Anantha. The snake with its seven-headed hood forms a canopy over Vishnu’s head.

Gagan mahal

Gagan Mahal

      The Old Palace is near the Elephant Stables and where the Queen and ladies stayed. An amazing ruins still in good shape and well worth visiting! Come see a good chunk of Indian architecture, and remains of the Kingdom of Vijayanagara from the 16th century.

It's a sprawling complex with a bigger than Olympic size pool, which at one time was supplied by a complex network of aqueducts that you can still see to this day. The ruins are remarkably well preserved, it was useful having a guide to walk me through some of the stories of the place and the legends that inspired the artwork.

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